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The 12-Pac is Full: SB Nation Conference Re-Draft

Round 12 of the SB Nation Re-Draft was completed recently (sorry, I've been out of town following bikes for the week) when our conference comissioner selected Northwestern University as the 12th member of the Twelve-Pack.  Please go visit our new conference mates at Sippin' On Purple to say hello.



The conference was excited to add yet another outstanding academic institution in a huge media market.  Though Northwestern certainly has to share the Chicago area with several other schools and transplants, the combination of Northwestern with nearby Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Purdue gives us a huge presence in the nation's number 3 market (remember, we have number 2 with us, and no one in NYC watches college football).  Chicago apparently has a couple bars and restaurants worth visiting, too, and Evanston certainly works as an attractive destination for road trips.

The Wildcats boast an up and coming football program under the leadership of Pat Fitzgerald.  And while Northwestern is famously the only D-1 school never to play in the NCAA basketball tournament, the heightened exposure of its new conference and the opportunity to compete against basketball powers Texas, Wisconsin, Duke, and U.C.L.A. will raise its standing nationally.  And as with all the Twelve-Pack school, non-rev sports are not forgotten, with Northwestern having a good overall athletic progran, highlighted by its 6 national titles in the last 7 years in women's lacrosse.

Here is the current lineup of the 6 super-conferences.  Well, one could argue that it's one super conference (ours) and 5 other guys, but that thread is coming later.  Table below stolen borrowed from our friends and Commissioner at BCInterruption:

1 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. Alabama 4. Ohio State 5. USC 6. LSU
2 12. Georgia 11. Penn State 10. Oklahoma 9. Florida State 8. Notre Dame 7. Michigan
3 13. U.C.L.A. 14. Virginia Tech 15. Nebraska 16. Louisville 17. Oregon 18. North Carolina
4 24. Wisconsin 23. Miami (Fla.) 22. Texas A&M 21. Michigan State 20. Tennessee 19. Stanford
5 25. Washington 26. Auburn 27. Arizona 28. West Virginia 29. Syracuse 30. Arkansas
6 36. Duke 35. Kansas 34. California 33. Maryland 32. Kentucky 31. Iowa
7 37. Clemson 38. Illinois 39. UConn 40. Missouri 41. Pittsburgh 42. Oklahoma State
8 48. Virginia 47. TCU 46. Arizona State 45. Utah 44. BYU 43. South Carolina
9 49. Boston College 50. Colorado 51. Oregon State 52. Boise State 53. Vanderbilt 54. Georgia Tech
10 60. Minnesota 59. Indiana 58. South Florida 57. Cincinnati 56. N.C. State 55. Ole Miss
11 61. Purdue 62. Texas Tech 63. Hawaii 64. Mississippi State 65. Air Force 66. Florida Atlantic
11 72. Northwestern 71. Villanova 70. Fresno State 69. Kansas State 68. Georgetown 67. Central Florida

Comissioners and Conference names: BCI: Twelve Pack;  BHGP: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; TSK: The Empire (working title); BECB: Conference TMZ; HoS: House of a Thousand Sanctions; RCR: The Cult Of Les Miles

While real world conferences like the Big Ten and the Big Twelve seem to struggle with the concept of numbers, the Twelve Pack aims for mathematical accuracy and will likely stop adding teams at this point.  Twelve equals twelve, after all.  The other conferences on the board may still be adding, so we will keep an eye on that.  We will follow with a couple more posts considering division alignments, conference game locations, the relative merits of the various conferences, and whether any other teams are being overlooked.  Any and all comments on these or other topics are welcome.   Fire away.