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Bruin Bites: Meet Dimitri, More Cantlay, Basketball Recruiting Notes, UCLA Scientists Shake It Up, 15 Years Prison for Rose Bowl Brawl Stabbing

Suffice to say, it's been a pretty busy half-week here at BN.  In BN news, we introduced two new awesome additions to our front-page crew in AHMB and freesia39.  Very excited to have them on board.  In UCLA news, we took notes from football's closed Rose Bowl scrimmage and the beginning of the team's preparations for Case Keenum and his Houston Cougars. AHMB kicked off his front-page tenure by previewing Houston, while DCBruins checked in with some really encouraging notes on Howland's recruiting on the basketball front.  Meanwhile, N had a really thought provoking (at least as a fellow United fan) post on UCLA fans, Arsenal fans, and the lack of "glory hunters" among our ranks. We also checked in with a final update on the SBN conference re-draft project, with the 12-Pack rounding out with Northwestern. Finally, the big news of the week was Neuheisel naming Kevin Prince as the starting QB for the Houston game, ending weeks of speculation.

So with that, let's turn to your bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

  • In campus news, UCLA scientists engaged in some seismic testing in the California Delta region to see if our state's levees can withstand a major earthquake.  To do the test, these Bruins built a device to shake a model levee. So far, it seems that they were able to gather a lot of data to help determine whether these levees can survive or not.
  • In another innovation note, UCLA engineers have developed an inexpensive, portable microscope.  The small size and relative low-cost model has the potential to be a major game-changer, giving scientists, doctors, etc. easy access to a microscope while on the go.
  • Turning to basketball recruiting notes, big man Tony Parker will take visits to the nation's elite basketball programs, including UCLA. Despite our struggles the last few seasons, CBH still has us in the running for top-tier talent, which should translate (assuming we don't have another major disappointment like a certain class which won't be named) into deep March runs for the Westwood faithful.
  • Finally, it's been talked about in a few different places, but it bears repeating here: consensus top high school pick Shabazz Muhammad visited UCLA with top prospect Kyle Anderson a few months ago, and Kyle has been talking up playing college basketball with Shabazz.  Only one school in their respective top fives are the same: UCLA.  If Howland makes this happen, it will be epic: Artis, Adams, Muhammad, Anderson, and maybe Shaq Goodwin or Tony Parker would be a ridiculous amount of riches for Howland to mold into a win-producing machine.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  Although, if the number of NBA ballers currently on campus is any indication, then these kids should be lining up to come to Westwood.
  • Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites for the middle of the week.  Just a few more days until the long holiday weekend and the return of college football.  Is it Saturday yet?