Quotes from Houston Head Coach Kevin Sumlin

Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin met the media this week to talk about the UCLA game. Here is an excerpt of his Q&A:

On the progress of the defensive front: It's hard to gauge where you are as team this early in the year. Obviously we have had more competition and looking at the depth chart there are some players we played last year that are not even on the two deep.

We certainly are a lot bigger and more athletic than we were with the addition of Kelvin King, who is playing an open side. Zeke Riser continues to improve coming off the knee injury and hasn't gotten has many reps as Kelvin but that doesn't mean he is not ready to go; he'll be ready to go Saturday. During the off-season it was a point of importance and also while we were recruiting. [...]

On how he prepared for the heat: It's just part of Houston weather. We have had plenty 6 p.m. games, where it's been in the 90's before. We train the same way no matter what. This summer has been particularly warm and there have been some precautions taken. During two-a-days we practiced at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. but since school has started we are on the field around 4:30 p.m. We have been smart on how we've done and I think our guys are OK with it. I told the team y'all aren't the only ones dealing with it. The whole country has been warm this pre-season.

On Coach Hall developing the defensive line: He has done a great job with them. It's a work in progress. He has come in and really worked with some guys. He creates competition from day one and there have been some changes. We are fortunate to have him and his experiences give us great knowledge. He is demanding but is fair. Our guys understand it and he understands it.

On how he came to hire Coach Stewart and his impression of him: He brings a lot of energy to our defense. He has really worked at the college game. Defense is about knowing what your doing and your demeanor. He has talked the to guys about who they can really be. Our defense walks around and looks at things differently since he has come in.

We had some growing pains last year. The college game is different from the pro game. The quarterback run game in the NFL is non-existent. We've worked at it and have studied it. I like our chemistry and we'll see where we are.

You can read the full exchange including his thoughts on UCLA delaying the naming of starting QB and Case Keenum's Q&A with the reporters in Houston here.

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