Good News/Bad News: Graham in, Cid in, Bryant out

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A busy day on the UCLA football front with the start of camp, and a few players futures becoming more known.  Both Cid and Graham (for those who were wondering) are in and should be enrolled any day now.  According to the LA Times, it is just a formality:

Cornerback Jaime Graham and offensive lineman Albert Cid are expected to join the UCLA football team this week, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who was not allowed to speak publicly on the matter.

Both players were to submit their final paperwork to the university on Monday and their approval is a mere formality, the source said.

Good for them both, especially Cid, as it seems that he has been stressed (understandably so) about his situation and how slowly the admission process was going. Now, the "bad news" after the jump.

Defensive End Derrick Bryant, is transferring and moving back home to Ohio:

"I enjoyed my time out in Los Angeles, but I got home sick," said Bryant, who sat out last season as a redshirt. "I missed my family. I want to see my little sister grow up."

Bryant, who played at Columbus Brookhaven High School, was ranked the 34th best strong side defensive end in the nation by He missed the 2010 season after undergoing shoulder surgery.

Don't like the fact that he is leaving, but I understand.  Never like to see a big lineman leave, but down the road this will not hurt that much.  We have good players at the position, and we will get more in.  We shall see. 

It is great to have football here.  I think we are going to be better than people think, and I am looking forward to these players putting us back on the college football map with 7-8 wins and a decent bowl game to go to.  

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