Fourth Most Athletic College In the Country: UCLA

A website named "CampusSplash" has compiled a ranking of the most athletic colleges taking into account things like  number of sports, number of titles, revenue (and others). UCLA ranks fourth in the nation behind Stanford, Texas, and Florida, which is somewhat surprising considering our recent struggles. It only goes to show the potential that is inherent in the four letters, and reinforces our attitude here on BN to never settle for mediocrity and being second rate.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to access CampusSplash directly, so I did not get to take a look at the full methodology, but they had this to say about us:

I think I may have just discovered the winner of the ongoing battle for Los Angeles between UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans. If you can't guess based on the bolded area above, the winner is UCLA. The UCLA blue and gold have racked up 53 national titles in 14 different sports, both stats being the second highest behind only Stanford. UCLA has been dominant in softball, women's water polo, and men's volleyball for the past 25 years.

Of course, we discovered the same thing ages ago about the Trogans, and it's really too bad we haven't had the revenue or the leadership to compete in the same number of sports as the schools ahead of us on the list. Given our circumstances, we're doing well, but I think we all agree that we can do better. Hopefully the revenue from the Pac 12 deal helps us achieve that end, and we'll have to keep the pressure on Morgan Center to make sure they're not pissing away our advantages like they usually do.

(And the Trogans? They're seventh. Behind Oregon.)

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