Oklahoma Sooners Reaching Out to Pac-12 "Within Days, If Not Hours"?

The post about Bob Stoops looking to play with UCLA and Southern Cal in a "Pac-16" generated lot of discussion yesterday. So to follow up wanted to pass on these observations from Kirk Bohls from the Austin Statesman.  Bohl's think the ball is on the Sooner's court to make the next move and he thinks the Sooners could make that move very soon:

Should Oklahoma act upon its earnest desires and seek an invitation to join the Pacific-12 Conference - something I'm fully expecting to happen within days, if not hours - that decision could well be the killing blow to the Big 12 while also providing Texas the political cover to follow suit and ask for admission as well.

The Pac-12's not going to ask first. It's been down that road before, led along until the eleventh hour a year ago.

If OU gives notice that it is leaving the Big 12 - or if any of the other remaining eight members do, for that matter - the very foundation of the league would crumble.

Here's what I think will happen, probably before the calendar turns to October:

Your new Pac-16 members: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Bohls, who is one of the most plugged in college football observers from Texas, also thinks the "the Longhorn Network gets folded into the Pac-16 as a downsized regional network, joining the six regional networks that already exist within the conference."

Buckle your seatbelts everyone.


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