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Spaulding Roundup - A "Terrific" Start to the Week

During this drill, only two quarterbacks were injured.  Both Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut saw reps with the first team on Tuesday.
During this drill, only two quarterbacks were injured. Both Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut saw reps with the first team on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon the Bruins returned to Spaulding to begin the preparations for Texas.  Coach Rick Neuheisel called it a "terrific practice" and hopes that the team will come out with the same urgency tomorrow.  In the post practice comments, there was only one reference to "looking at the tape" so my post-Mike Singletary gag reflex remained low.

In regards to Texas, Neuheisel stated that Case McCoy comes from a "great lineage" and they will probably employ a traditional package offense with the younger McCoy, and with David Ash, they will use his "athletic exploits" more than with McCoy.  This is the second "Case" we are facing this season, and I hope we solve this "Case."

The quarterback situation for Saturday, and some injury news, after the jump.

Reps between Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut were split evenly between the two, but Prince took the two minute drill at the end of practice.  Prince looked better than last week, throwing the ball with authority.  Neuheisel stated that Prince was not 100% on for SJSU,and Prince himself acknowledges he is still not at 100%.  If he does play on Saturday, I personally hope he doesn't aggravate the injury any further.

If you thought a starter would be named today, har dee har.  Neuheisel is not in a rush to name a starter.  Being proficient in coach double speak, this means we'll probably find out the official starter right before the start of the game.

As for the offensive line, Kai Maiava was back at center, with Sean Sheller at guard, and Jeff Baca at weak tackle.  Palcic did praise Greg Capella, and Gold mentions that the offensive line should look good next year, with the return of Xavier Su'a-Filo.  Just note though, XSF's return is not guaranteed if Neuheisel does not return next year.

Glenn Love returned to practice, and if he's ready to play on Saturday, he will be a much needed boost to our linebackers.  Kip Smith however left practice early, with a hip flexor issue, but he should be fine for Texas.

Tony Dye and Wesley Flowers were in red no-contact jerseys (not that anyone practices real tackling) and Damien Thigpen is still out.

In other news and notes, Tommy Lasorda will address the team before the game on Saturday.  Hopefully he will provide the extra inspiration the team needs to beat Texas again, as the team should be inspired to win and be impressive about it after their "showing" against SJSU.  This is where I usually insert a lame Dodgers joke, but I'll refrain for now.  I can't make any guarantees for Saturday's gameday posts.  Derrick Coleman was selected as the UCLA/Muscle Milk student athlete of the week in recognition of his performance against SJSU, and hopefully a repeat performance this Saturday in the Rose Bowl.