UCLA Defense: Like A "Clown Riding a Vespa Through a Car wash"

Can't really disagree with the observations from Scipio Tex @Barking Carnival (emphasis added):

UCLA offends me as a football purist.

I watched both UCLA games this year. The bottom line is this: UCLA has a bunch of talented dudes who don't care all that much. And with respect to talent, I'm not talking about recruiting classes, or rankings, or other supportive bullshit that people use when they can't trust their own eyes (though UCLA has all those things too). I'm talking about pure on-field talent. UCLA is good. They have two NFL RBs - one a slick slasher, the other an angry bowling ball, a 6 foot 8 mutant TE who can run and has hands, appears to be open on every play, and had 100 yards receiving in one half against Houston. Naturally, they threw to him only once against San Jose St (a TD, of course) and he's 2nd string. They have a 6-5 220 pound WR named Nelson Rosario who alternates between playing like Lord Nelson and Rosario Dawson and the OL is massive. They also have an array of highly recruited QBs who all excel at being injured except when playing Texas.

Overall, they returned something like 57 of their 22 starters (this number is imprecise) so inexperience is no issue.

Defensively, they're like watching a clown riding a Vespa through a car wash, but it's not because they lack talent. It's just a bunch of fairly talented guys running around randomly, somewhat bored. Their schemes appear to have been drawn up with bottle caps and twigs during warm ups. "Who wants to play DT? You Marsh? OK, you be DT this game." During one part of a game, I observed their NFL talent DE Datone Jones during a run play that went to the other side of the field. He stopped, placed a hand on his hip, and watched the play unfold with detached bemusement. It was awesome.     

Sadly there is no disagreement based on what we have seen in first two games.

You can read rest of his UCLA preview here. It's a fantastic read and pretty much on the money.


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