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A Message to UCLA Football

I'm not one to make speeches. 

And perhaps it is not my place to provide inspiration to anyone, particularly when I have never played the sport.  Besides, it looks like our coach is bringing out the big guns to motivate our players.

But I have something in my heart that I need to get out, and I know a lot of you feel the same way.  It's like this knot inside of us, and every time one knot goes away, another one finds its way into the fabric of UCLA Football.  We are just fans, but these are our colors and this is our team and nothing is going to change that.  And for all his faults, Rick Neuheisel understands us.

So my message today to our team, as cheesy as it might seem, comes from Apollo Creed:

There is no tomorrow.  Your future starts today.

You can't wait until tomorrow to get better.

You can't wait until tomorrow to hear what you could have done better.

It's not about pleasing the fans, the coaches, or your mother.  The time has come, today, to reach inside and find the rocket fuel for your passion.  Clear your mind and find your excellence.  You haven't even begun to see how good you can be.  Rid yourselves of distractions, and your eyes will see clearly.

I am not the one who went to spring camp and fall camp, who puts my body at risk every day, who sweats and bleeds at the sound of a whistle.  You are.  And you owe yourself to play with a full heart.

You are not here to "bring glory back" to UCLA.

You are here to make your own glory.  And we will relish in it.

Because that is what inspires people, being true to yourself and to your potential.  And that is what you owe yourselves and nobody else, except the teammate next to you who is doing the same, for you.  Do that, and you can't lose.

There is no tomorrow.

Make your own glory.