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BN Gameday: Texas Second Half Thread

Uh, you guys don't really expect us to say something cogent after what we saw in the first 3 UCLA "offensive" series in the first half? Do you? Bruins are down by a score of 10-28. The game is lot uglier than the box score. This has been yet another sloppy, ugly, poorly coached football game, which has now become a staple during Rick Neuheisel's tragic reign at UCLA.

There is no way the Bruins will come back to win this game. I don't see it. But I will still watch this game to finish to see how our offense "finishes" under Richard Brehaut. For all intent and purpose, the Kevin Prince era at UCLA should be officially over. There should be no debate left after Prince's performance today. If Rick Neuheisel still insists on sticking with Prince, we will have to look into making calls for an interim head coach.

Anyway, it is not totally over for Rick. He is hanging on now - barely - after the debacle in the first 15 mins of this game. Let's see how he leads his team in the second half and to start the Pac-12 conference. Fire away in our second half thread.