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The Prodigal Son Speaks

CRN: "You're awesome"
Mack: "I know.  Thanks for the win, bud."
CRN: "You're awesome" Mack: "I know. Thanks for the win, bud."

After the game, Coaches Rick Neuheisel and Mack Brown spoke to the press.  Here are a few more choice excerpts from CRN, piggy backing on Nestor's post earlier tonight.

Immediately followed by commentary by me.  Enjoy.

I'd like to congratulate the University of Texas. They played terrific. Unfortunately, in this kind of game, and in that kind of atmosphere, you can't make the kind of mistakes we did. It was disappointing to make mistakes early and to not be able to stop their running game. Once we settled down and started moving the ball, we did it with some measure of success.

Wait, atmosphere?

The announced attendance:  54,583.

From the viewpoint on my TV, the Rose Bowl was liberally sprinkled with orange, so you have to figure there had to be at least what, 10,000 Texas fans?  You got that - at least 1 in every 5 fans at the Rose Bowl were there for the visiting team.  That's right, when you account for the Texas fans, the attendance wasn't much higher than the SJSU game.  How is this a home field advantage?

I was watching the OU-FSU game earlier.  At one point in the game, the camera was rocking because the stadium was rocking from the noise on a FSU drive.  That's how you do it.

As for the rest of this first comment, yes Texas played well, and we played like crap.  When we moved the ball, we scored two TDs and two spectacular FGs from our PUNTER.  However, we only ran for a total of 141 yards.  Passing, we only threw for 176 yards.  We actually scored 20 points?  At least CRN said "some" measure of success, because overall, I don't think any aspect of that game, other than special teams, could be called successful. 

When asked about defense and tackling:

We are going to talk about everything we can talk about with respect to how to practice so that we can be a more stringent run defense. We've got to get guys down on the ground. We're in position to make plays. You've got a play with Sheldon Price, where the ball bounces off his hands and it goes first and goal [for Texas]. We had five guys with a chance to [sack Texas' quarterback] make it. It looks like he's going to overthrow the ball, and they make the play. Give credit where credit is due

The Sheldon Price play where he should have picked off the pass (and showed why he plays defense, yeesh) was unfortunate that the ball wound up in the hands of Texas.  Fine.  But I can't give credit for that.  I'll give credit for Texas being ready to play, and absolutely no credit to our coaching staff on being outcoached again

I'm a SF Giants fan.  There were some games that we couldn't score a run to save our lives.  The starting rotation is under pressure to not give up a single run.  When they give up 2, and the Giants lose by one, you hear "You just have to tip your cap."

I'm tired of tipping my cap.  I'm not giving credit.  I'd like to win a football game, and have people tip their caps to me, because my cap says I'm a fan of the bestest college football team in the land.

On the QB Situation:

"I thought Richard [Brehaut] played well. I'm anxious to look at the tape. He settled the offense down. He has surged to the lead, no question."

Let's see.  Richard Brehaut, no picks.   Kevin Prince, 3 picks.  I don't need any stinking tape.  Brehaut may not run as well as Prince... but ... gah.  I hate to say it.  Brehaut should start.  As probably the last Kevin Prince supporter on Earth, Brehaut should start.

That hurt to say.

About those pesky penalties today...

I'm disappointed in the line of scrimmage penalties. Those are absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to make sure that gets corrected this week. We have to do the little things right. It's a little-thing business. We are going to back to doing some fundamental things. We have to understand the value of those fundamentals.

I thought we fixed these penalties after week 1.  Whoops.

I mean if you WANT to look on the bright side, it would be that we start conference play next week, and a good conference run could easily make you forget the out of conference games.  More than likely, where we are inadequate, we will be exposed.  Well, you know, worse than today.  Repeatedly.  Enough that you might not even turn on your TVs or head out to the Rose Bowl.

When asked about the pressure to win...

We have to go back to work and see if we can get it done. I'm not pessimistic. I'm still relentlessly optimistic.

Well that's good.  I'm usually optimistic, but I can feel that gut sinking feeling in my stomach.  I remember the last time I had this feeling.

Last season.