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Less Than 55,000 Show Up to Watch Neuheisel’s Latest UCLA Clownshow

We will have so much more on the latest edition of Rick Neuheisel's clown show at the Rose Bowl. We will be going over both macro and micro around the debacle that we subjected ourselves to at the Rose Bowl and all around the country.

Before we get to all that let's chew over couple of nuggets offered up by our head coach. Here is Neuheisel's spin on penalties and other miscues:

"When you're playing efficiently and playing well, those things don't show up as often. I'm disappointed in the line of scrimmage penalties. Those are absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to make sure that gets corrected this week. We have to do the little things right. It's a little-thing business. We are going to back to doing some fundamental things. We have to understand the value of those fundamentals."

There is a word for the drivel above: Dorrelian.

Neuheisel then offered the following excuses for the Joe Tresey freak show (we are not using the word "freak" in a good way here):

"We've got a new coach as the defensive coordinator. We're trying to find our footing. We need to find out exactly what's missing from keeping us as a stout run defense. We practice tackling, but we can certainly address that again. We'll see if that is something that we have to do more of."

I searched for the word "apology" through Neuheisel's post-game presser transcript. Couldn't find it anywhere. If Neuheisel had any sense of decency, he'd issue an apology to the entire Bruin Nation tonight or before the start of this game week. That's the least he could do and in fact we will be expecting one in his tomorrow night's conference call with beat reporters.

Oh BTW only 54,583 showed up today watch the abomination at the Rose Bowl. I am guessing 10-15,000 (or may be 20,000?) were Longhorns. Forget Neuheisel those numbers should send shivers up the spines of Gene Block and Dan Guerrero.

If this ship is not righted within next 3 games - that would be acing the "eye test" - forget Rick Neuheisel, Bruin alums across the country should be demanding accountability from the Chancellor and Athletic Director at UCLA.