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Tone Deaf Dan Guerrero Issues a Public Statement from UCLA Athletics ... About Expansion

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Two days after our football team was humiliated on national television at the Rose Bowl, Dan Guerrerror issued a public statement.  Of course, he could have discussed the decade of mediocre football; he could have talked about a Rose Bowl that consisted of exuberant Texas fans, empty seats, and a smattering of disgruntled UCLA fans who bought into the offseason promises of success; he could have talked about the numerous media outlets the Coach Rick Neuheisel should step down; he could have even discussed the chatter that Dan Guerrero should not be allowed to hire the new head football coach once Rick Neuheisel does resign or is fired.  Instead, Dan Guerrerror whiffed.  Again.  Dan would rather avoid the tough discussion, so he issued a meaningless statement on conference expansion.

Dan's two paragraph statement is spineless.  Frankly, he would have been better off keeping his trap shut and laying low.  The only telling part of the statement is that Dan is unable to take a stand.  Take this politician speak, for example:

If further expansion is the right thing to do, then it makes sense to proceed.

Really, Dan?  If it's the right thing to do, then you should do it?  BRILLIANT!

Of course, this non-statement would be a non-issue were there not more pressing matters that need to be addressed.  Dan's statement purports to discuss a topic that "is dominating the conversation" of Bruins, but I can tell you that none of my Bruin friends and I have said a word about expansion lately.  There are other, more important matters being discussed.  For example, let's start with a defense that is ranked 108th in the nation in rushing defense, 100th in total defense, 103rd in scoring defense, and 111th in tackles for loss.  Let's talk about the fact that we got beat by a Conference USA team, escaped against a WAC team that won 1 game last year, and demolished by a program rebuilding from a 5-7 record in this short season.  Too short sighted?  Let's talk about the fact that UCLA hasn't won a Pac title in football in 13 years.  Let's talk about that fact that we've beaten our rivals once in the last 12 years.  Let's talk about the fact that our football program has become undeniably irrelevant.  Try selling a new head coach on that catch phrase.

Dan, we would like to see another public statement from the Athletic Department.  Specifically, what is the Department's plan to fix this broken program?