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Jerime Anderson Reinstated

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I was reading everywhere online for news about Kyle Anderson.  The wunderkind recruit that wants to come to UCLA but may stay close to home and play for Seton Hall.  It makes so much sense for him to come to UCLA but again New Jersey is a bit of a trip from California.  (Of course, KAJ was pretty successful when he left NYC for UCLA.)  

However, I found some other Anderson news.   

"Now that the legal proceedings in conjunction with Jerime's arrest have been finalized, I am re-instating him to the team with a two-game suspension," said Howland. "Jerime has been very remorseful in acknowledging his mistake and accepting responsibility for his actions. I believe he has learned a valuable lesson."

Last Thursday (Sept. 15), Anderson pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges, appropriation of lost property and trespass. The plea agreement, according to Anderson's lawyer Jon Artz, was based on evidence demonstrating Anderson's good conduct and moral character from members of the community and Anderson's prompt acceptance and responsibility of his mistake, as well as his embarrassment and remorse.

Anderson must complete 300 hours of community service in a two-year period. On Sept. 15, 2013, assuming completion of the community service requirement and, if he has had no other legal issues, the plea of appropriation of lost property will be withdrawn and that charge dismissed, leaving only a misdemeanor charge of trespass.

Currently, because of the manner of the disposition of the case, Anderson has suffered no convictions for any criminal offense. 

 Reaction after the jump.

I am not sure what to think.  I guess I think 2 games is too light.  At least make him sit out the Maui Tourney.   This is a slap on the wrist.  

Anderson has another chance at redemption.  The team could use him.  His sophomore year was a wake up call to him for basketball.  Hopefully this incident is a wake call for him for life.

Go Bruins.