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Bruins Nation Pick 'Em: Week 4

We all had similar results in Week 3, keeping the entire pack within striking distance.  Bellerophon and freesia39 had the best weeks, with each of them going 10-6.  Here are the updated standings after Week 3:

AHMB - 29-18-1

freesia39 - 27-20-1

Ryan R. - 26-21-1

Patroclus - 25-22-1

Bellerophon - 24-23-1

Tydides - 22-25-1

Odysseus - 21-26-1

Ajax - 21-26-1

gbruin - 21-26-1

Nestor - 20-27-1

Tasser10 - 13-18-1

Our Week 4 picks are after the jump:

Here is a rundown of the games this week:

NC State @ Cincinnati - I picked NC State because nobody else did.  Honestly, that was my entire reasoning behind that pick.

San Diego St. @ Michigan - Rocky Long takes his Aztecs into Ann Arbor to face Brady Hoke and the team he left them for.  

Notre Dame @ Pitt - Notre Dame finally closed a game, and Pitt just suffered a Notre Damish collapse against Iowa.

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech - Georgia Tech is running for 427yards per game.  The Yellow Jackets rushed for 604!!! against Kansas.  North Carolina is only giving up 2.3 yards per carry.  Something's gotta give!

Georgia @ Ole Miss - The coach of the losing team will not be around in 2012.  Mark it down.

Colorado @ Ohio St. - Ohio St. comes home with their tail between their legs after the thumping Miami put on 'em.  Also, they announced they are starting true freshmen Braxton Miller at QB after the line was up.

Arkansas @ Alabama - Alabama got a big spread in one of the best games of the day.  This should be a fun game to watch.

Cal @ Washington - Washington comes off a tough game against Nebraska, Cal comes of a laugher against Presbyterian.  We'll see who is prepared physically.

Florida St. @ Clemson - Florida St. comes off a tough loss against Oklahoma, Clemson comes off a solid win against Auburn.  We'll see who is prepared mentally.

Southern Miss @ Virginia - A classic 12 Pac game.  I don't know anything about these two teams other than Larry Fedora and Mike London are good football coaches.

Oklahoma St. @ Texas A&M - The last Big 12 matchup between the two schools is another candidate for the game of the day.  

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina - James Franklin has the Commodores playing ball.  

LSU @ WVU - The last game of the day candidate pits John Chavis and LSU's ballhawking defense against Dana Holgorson's spread raid attack. 

Oregon @ Arizona - After getting beat by the Tigers, Oregon return home and played Nevada and Southeast Missouri to heal up for conference play.  Oregon should win, but don't be surprised if they're a little rusty from lack of competition.

Southern Cal @ Arizona St. - ASU returns home after getting beat by Illinois on the road.  USC looked like they were turning a corner last week against Syracuse, but this is the first time they've left South Central all year.

UCLA @ Oregon St. - This is a must win game for the Bruins.  This is a must win game for the Beavers. We'll see what team shows the most heart.

Game Spread Nestor gbruin Bellerophon Ryan R. freesia39 AHMB Patroclus Odysseus Tydides Ajax Tasser10
NC St @             NC St.          
Cincinatti -8 Cincy Cincy Cincy Cincy Cincy   Cincy Cincy Cincy  Cincy Cincy
San Diego St. @         SDSU SDSU SDSU SDSU       SDSU
Michigan -11 UM UM UM         UM UM  UM  
Notre Dame @ -7     ND ND ND ND ND      ND ND
Pittsburgh   PITT PITT           PITT PITT    
North Carolina @             NC          
Georgia Tech -7 GT GT GT GT GT   GT GT GT  GT GT
Georgia @ -10 UGA   UGA UGA UGA UGA UGA   UGA    
Ole Miss     Ole Miss           Ole Miss    Ole Miss Ole Miss
Colorado @   CU   CU     CU CU       CU
Ohio St. -15   tOSU   tOSU tOSU     tOSU tOSU  tOSU  
Arkansas @       UA         UA      
Alabama -12 UA UA   UA UA UA UA   UA  UA UA
California @       Cal Cal     Cal Cal Cal   Cal
Washington -1 UW UW     UW UW        UW  
Florida St. @ -3   FSU FSU FSU FSU   FSU   FSU  FSU FSU
Clemson   Clem         Clem   Clem      
Southern Miss @       USM USM USM USM     USM  USM USM
Virginia -3 UVA UVA         UVA UVA      
Texas A&M -4                 TA&M    
Vanderbilt @   Vandy Vandy       Vandy Vandy   Vandy    
South Carolina -16     USC USC USC     USC    USC USC
West Virginia   WVU           WVU        
Oregon @ -16 UO UO UO UO UO   UO   UO  UO UO
Arizona             UA   UA      
USC @       USC   USC           USC
Arizona St. -2.5 ASU ASU   ASU   ASU ASU ASU ASU  ASU  
Oregon St. -1.5   OSU           OSU    


What do you think? Please feel free to list your picks in this thread. Also, this will be used as the Thursday Night Game Thread, so fire away while watching North Carolina St. take on Cincinnati.