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Bruin Bites: UCLA - Oregon State Gameday Edition

Hello ladies and gents. Ready or not we have a huge football game coming up this afternoon at 12:30 pm PST. Yes, I get that this is a game between the two "bottom dwellers" of the Pac-12. It is desperation time and yadi, yada, yada. But for this community this game and the next two weekends will potentially give us more clarity in terms of the direction of the UCLA football program.

I know folks for lot of good reasons are feeling down and gloomy. Yet I am still not giving up hope. I think there is a chance Bruins can start something good this afternoon in Corvallis IF (I know, I know, a huge "IF") they make the right moves. We have a pre-game thread coming up at 9:00 am EST. Until then here are some quick clips to chew over this am:

  • Peter Yoon of ESPNLA posted "five things to watch" in this afternoon's game. Yoon points out that the Beavers' "inexperienced secondary with three players having made their first career start this season," could be ripe target for Richard Brehaut. The Beaver DBs have not yet intercepted a pass have "allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete nearly 70 percent of their passes and have given up seven passing touchdowns in two games." If there was ever a time for Brehaut to put a hammer lock on the starting spot this game is it. Yoon also notes that the Beavers OL has had huge issues with pass protection giving up 5 sacks in their first 2 games. So, this game is also an opportunity for our defense to pick up some badly needed momentum.
  • Adam Maya has the story on Brehaut getting yet "another turn as starter." Brehaut knows the drill and the right soundbites:
    It's been a long time coming. I'm just taking it week to week, not looking too far into the future, not looking over my shoulder. That's all under my control. It's up to me if it's going to be week to week or for the season."
    Good luck Richard.
  • Chris Foster has an interesting story (probably feeling his quota for this month!) about UCLA's last trip to Oregon State. It was a breakout game for Nelson Rosario, who "had 126 receiving yards in the fourth quarter, including a leaping one-handed grab over a defender for a 58-yard touchdown pass." Of course we never saw that Rosario on a consistent basis since that game leading rest of us to wonder what is going on with rest of the unused talent in our depth chart. To give credit to Rosario he mentioned "I understand that I need to give more effort," adding, "I have dropped a couple of balls because of lack of focus. I need to focus more." Hopefully the light can still go on for Rosario and he can then repeat it consistently for rest of the season.
  • "Desperation" is the theme for Jon Gold's game write up this am. Tony Dye has his clichés ready saying "This is our season here anyway," while Mike Johnson notes, ""We are in desperate need of a win." Well go get it guys.
  • Oh and Coach Neuheisel mentioned in that LA Times pieces linked above, "We're at the point of the season where we have to do things right" adding, "I still have high hopes with respect to what he can accomplish." Well today is a good day to start coach.
  • Here is the video preview from the official site:
  • As mentioned above the pre-game thread is coming up at 9:00 am PST. If you haven't gotten in your pre-game guesses, do it up right here. Enjoy your Saturday.