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Bruin Bites: UCLA-Houston Gameday Edition

GAME DAY.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
GAME DAY. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Game day is finally here. We are excited. The players are fired up. We will have our pre-game thread go up at 9 am PST. Before we get to that here are the quick headlines from the traditional media outlets today. Nothing here is earth-shattering but just in case you want to read them here are the teasers:

  • Peter Yoon, who in IMO is tied with Jon Gold as perhaps the best reporter covering UCLA, posted "Five things to watch" for today's game against Houston. The factors he listed should not be a surprise to anyone who has been following our program. I do like how Yoon brings attention to how our last year's season opener v. Kansas State. It will be imperative for the Bruin offense to get off to a good, solid start to set the tone for the rest of the season. Keep "the eyeball test" in mind.
  • Jon Gold posted a pretty informative back and forth with Houston Chronicle beat writer Sam Khan Jr. I found it interesting because Khan gives us a little peak into what the Cougar faithful (beat writers everywhere in the country except in Westwood tend to be homers). Khan thinks Bruins are not going to be able to run on Houston like last year because "the Cougars have upgraded their talent, size and depth on the defensive line and their linebacker depth is solid." Guess, we will see.
  • Here is Gold's Daily News game preview. The title is "UCLA gets a Case study," with quotes from Coach Rick Neuheisel, defensive coordinator Joe Tresey and Taylor Embree. Nothing earth shattering.
  • Down there in Texas, Houston Chronicle writer Jerome Solomon is calling this a "measuring stick" game for Houston, identifying the Bruins as the Cougars "toughest" and "most physically imposing" opponent all season.
  • Over at the Los Angeles Trojan Times, Chris Foster is trying his best to jinx the Bruins by talking up our Texas size win streak against the teams from Texas. Foster's game preview doesn't really have much that actually has to do with game itself. But that's not a surprise because he doesn't know anything about the game.
  • Foster also has a look at questions around UCLA team heading into this game here. Again, nothing new but more of aggregation of his concern trolling from the off-season and pre-season camp.
  • Speaking of trolls, Trogan hack Adam Maya from the OC Register has a superficial preview of today's game with a lazy Bleecher Report style photo slide show that doesn't require a lot of work.
  • Lastly, note we have updated our game watching thread with latest information on parties. Check in here if you are looking to hang out with UCLA alums, students and fans in your neighborhood today. Also, don't forget to get your pre-game guesses in before kickoff.

    Enjoy the game day.