San Jose State Claims UCLA Relationship

San Jose State in its press release claims a sister school relationship dating back to the 1880's. The funny thing is that UCLA doesn't claim to be a university until 1919.

The "sister" school: San Jose State and UCLA have an educational relationship dating back to the 1880’s. In Benjamin Gilbert’s book, "Pioneers for 100 Years," he writes that the California legislature passed legislation signed by Governor George C. Perkins in 1881 for a Branch State Normal School in Los Angeles. San Jose State was known as the California State Normal School in the 1880’s. The Los Angeles State Normal School opened on August 29, 1882, gained independence and autonomy from the state in 1887, became the southern branch of the University of California in 1919 and was named UCLA in 1927.

Also San Jose State wants to claim credit for Dick Vermeil.

A few San Jose State-UCLA connections: Dick Vermeil was a quarterback on the 1957 and 1958 San Jose State football teams who later coached the 1975 UCLA football team to a Rose Bowl victory. In two seasons at UCLA, Vermeil had a 15-5-3 coaching record.

Then they want to claim credit for others:

Terry Donahue, the winningest football coach in UCLA history, began his college career at San Jose State and was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity before transferring to Los Angeles Valley College in 1964.

Current football personnel who have affiliations with both institutions include:

Gary Bernardi at San Jose State Offensive line coach (2010-present) -- Gary Bernardi at UCLA Offensive line/tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator (1994-2003)

Vae Tata at San Jose State Graduate assistant - defense (2010-present) -- Vae Tata at UCLA 1994 through 1998 defensive end

Jim Mastro at San Jose State Linebackers coach (1996) -- Jim Mastro at UCLA Tight ends/F-backs coach (2011)

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