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Spaulding Roundup - A Suspension, A Concussion, and (Not So) New Guys

UCLA returned to the practice field for the first time after the Houston game with some good and bad news.

First the bad news: Kai Maiava has been suspended for one game for a violation of team rules.  According to the LA Times, Maiava tested positive for marijuana.  Under UCLA policy, you are suspended for one game if you are caught for the third time.  If you are caught a fourth time, you lose your scholarship and are removed from the team.

The good news?  Jeff Baca returned to practice, although he isn't in game shape, according to him.  According to Bob Palcic, he is ready and will play on Saturday.  The offensive line musical chairs will be in full effect on Saturday.

In Maiava's absence, Greg Capella will slide over from guard and start at center. Chris Ward will start at one guard and, if Baca is ready, he'll likely take over at tackle and move Sean Sheller to guard. Albert Cid will play the second guard if Baca is not ready to go.

More injury news, after the jump

Kevin Prince sat out of practice on Tuesday, as per concussion protocol.  He is hoping to return to practice on Wednesday, as he has no concussion symptoms and the pain in his shoulder has subsided.

"I’m feeling pretty good," Prince said. "I got the range of motion back in my shoulder. There’s a little pain when I try to throw so we’re trying to work through that, but I think I’ll be ready for Saturday."

Coach Neuheisel said he will wait until Wednesday on deciding if Prince will start (and notice it did not say name a starter.)   He also mentioned he wants to see Prince run with more caution.

"I think there are things he can do to take less abuse," Neuheisel said. "There are ways to get down. Kevin is a competitive kid. He certainly doesn’t want to be hurt so we’ll hopefully get him back quickly.

Jon Gold reports in Prince's absence, Brett Hundley took the second team snaps, and his passing has improved as his knee healed.

The football team found themselves "heavy" one athlete - Brandon WillisBrandon Willis is officially a Bruin (again) after re-enrolling at UCLA and was at practice on Tuesday.  He is still awaiting a waiver from the NCAA to play this season.  If it is not granted, he will redshirt this season and have three years of eligibility remaining.  Hopefully the NCAA will allow him to play this season.  Welcome back, Brandon.