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BREAKING: Under Pressure from BruinsNation, Pac-12 Removes Online/TV Ad Offensive to UCLA

Earlier today Ryan flagged a disconcerting Pac-12 online and TV ad that rubbed all of us the wrong way for very good reason here on BruinsNation. From the comments it was clear that the Pac-12 commercial featuring an ugly Trojan planting his silly sword on the UCLA logo at the Rose Bowl was deeply offensive to every member of UCLA community.

The concern was obvious and it appears that the Pac-12 working in concert with the UCLA athletic department has taken quick action to address this problem.  We just received the following from an official from the UCLA athletic department:

The Pac-12 Conference was sensitive to UCLA's concerns with the clip used in the league's commercials and sizzle reels illustrating rivalries and is re-editing those assets to remove the clip.

We have also been told that the video has been taken off the conference's official platforms. It does remain on the channel linked in Ryan's post but note that is note that channel is not affiliated with the conference.

We appreciate the quick action taken by the Pac-12 and UCLA officials in response to our raised concerns. We sure hope Larry Scott and his staff will think again if they are putting out any promotional product that is deeply offensive to UCLA. Of course thanks again to every member of this community for stepping up on this issue in a big way. Onward.