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Bruins Nation Pick 'Em: Week 2

Well, week one came and went.  My dreams of picking a perfect season were quickly dashed.  The Oregon St. upset, close call in Seattle, and LSU's unexpected beat down of the Ducks really hurt the standings, not to mention UCLA's loss to Houston.  Here are the standings after week one:

AHMB - 9-7-0

freesia39 - 8-8-0

Ryan R. - 7-9-0

Odysseus - 7-9-0

Tydides - 5-11-0

Bellerophon - 5-11-0

Patrocles - 5-11-0

Ajax - 4-12-0

gbruin - 3-13-0

Nestor - 3-13-0

Hopefully we can all turn things around this week.  Tasser10 joins the party this time around, so maybe he'll provide the lucky charm.

Before we look at our picks, lets take a quick rundown of the games we chose to pick this week.

Arizona @ Oklahoma St. - Arizona brings it's high powered but inconsistent offense to Stillwater to face Oklahoma St.'s high powered and consistent offense.  Both teams have good quarterbacks and star wide receivers.  I picked Oklahoma St. to cover the spread, as did everyone else except gbruin and Ajax.

Missouri @ Arizona St. - The Sun Devils take a major step up in competition after failing to cover the spread against an FCS team.  We can only hope that this Friday night game lives up to last week's when Baylor shocked the world against TCU (Except for me, I picked Baylor).

Oregon St. @ Wisconsin - Ughh.  The first of the four consensus picks could get ugly fast.  Oregon St. got beat by an average FCS team, and the Badgers don't have any problem dropping 70 on a conference opponent, let alone a non-conference BCS opponent.  We all picked Wisconsin to cover the 22 pt spread.

Iowa @ Iowa St. - If you haven't seen the corn picker statue, then you don't understand why this game is so important to the state of Iowa.

Mississippi St. @ Auburn - Auburn escaped against Utah St. in one of the more improbable comebacks that I have ever seen.  Despite the narrow victory, all but three of us pick them at home over a very good Bulldog team.

Hawaii @ Washington - Hawaii leaves the island after pounding a Colorado squad to face Washington, who narrowly beat an FCS team.  This could be one of the better games of the afternoon.

Nevada @ Oregon - Well, we all picked Oregon last week, and were well on our way to doing so again before Tasser10 showed up and picked Nevada.  

California @ Colorado - The second of the four consensus picks is not a shocker.  California looked pretty good against Fresno St., while Colorado went to Hawaii as underdogs and got beat soundly.

Stanford @ Duke - Another near consensus pick spoiled only by Tasser10.  Quite honestly, I do not know a thing about Duke other than the fact they are coached by David Cutcliffe.  

Alabama @ Penn. St. -  This was billed as a big game last year, then Bama rolled 44-10 or thereabouts and the game isn't getting much billing this year.  I think it will be much closer, but I see Bama pulling away at the end once their quarterback (whoever it is) gets comfortable in Happy Valley.

South Carolina @ Georgia - Georgia got crushed by Boise St., and South Carolina looked awful in their opening win.  Something has to give this week, but at the end of the day South Carolina has Lattimore and Georgia is still breaking in Crowell.

UNLV @ Washington St. - Washington St. can't catch a break.  They roll week 1, then lose their quarterback for 4-6 weeks.  This week, UNLV comes to Pullman after getting demolished in Madison.

BYU @ Texas - Texas is favored by 7 against a good BYU team.  This will be a fun game to watch, and although I picked Texas, I would not be surprised to see BYU come out with a win.

Utah @ U$C - The Trogans near collapse against the Gophers may be a sign of things to come.  They simply are not that deep and lack a solid running game.  Kiffin plays videogame football, and this going for two crap will bite him at some point.  I like Utah in an early season test.

Notre Dame @ Michigan - Michigan v. Notre Dame in the first night game at the Big House ... It should be fun to watch.  

San Jose St. @ UCLA - Not much to preview here.  Go Bruins!

What are our picks, you ask?  Well, after looking at the results from Week 1, I wouldn't take them to Vegas, but here they are:

Game Spread Nestor gbruin Bellerophon Ryan R. freesia39 AHMB Patroclus Odysseus Tydides Ajax Tasser10
Arizona @     UA               UA  
Oklahoma St. -14.5 OSU   OSU OSU OSU OSU OSU OSU OSU   OSU
Missouri @   UM     UM     UM        
Arizona St. -7.5   ASU ASU   ASU ASU   ASU ASU ASU ASU
Oregon St. @              
Wisconsin -22 UW UW UW UW UW UW UM UW UW UW UW
Iowa St.                        
Missippi St. @ -7       MSU       MSU   MSU  
Auburn   AU AU AU   AU AU AU   AU   AU
Hawaii @   UH               UH    
Washington -6 1/2   UW UW UW UW UW UW UW   UW UW
Nevada @                       UNR
Oregon -27 UO UO UO UO UO UO UO UO UO UO  
Stanford @ -21.5 Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan  
Duke                       Duke
Alabama @ -10     UA UA UA UA UA UA   UA  
Penn St.   PSU PSU             PSU   PSU
South Carolina @ -3     USC USC   USC USC USC USC USC USC
Georgia   UGA UGA     UGA            
Washington St. -14   WSU WSU WSU   WSU     WSU WSU  
BYU @   BYU               BYU   BYU
Texas -7   UT UT UT UT UT UT UT   UT  
Utah @   Utah Utah   Utah Utah Utah Utah   Utah Utah  
USC -9 1/2     U$C         U$C     U$C
Notre Dame @ -3.5     ND   ND     ND      
Michigan   UM UM   UM   UM UM   UM UM UM
San Jose St. @                        


What do you think?  Please feel free to list your picks in this thread.

Also, this will be used as the Thursday Night Game Thread, so fire away while watching Arizona invade Stillwater to take on the Oklahoma St. Cowboys.