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Saturday NFL Playoff Open Thread - 49ers/Saints; Broncos/Patriots

With the Alabama/LSU Championship game and the rest of the bowls now behind us, the only football left comes from the NFL. This afternoon and evening features a couple of good matchups, interesting not just because of the allegiances of various BN frontpagers.

The San Francisco 49ers will be playing host to the New Orleans Saints, with that game kicking off in about 30 minutes (1:30PST, 4:30 EST, Fox). Aside from being an excuse for the 49er fans among us to cheer, two of our new football coaches were part of the 49er organization, with head coach Jim Mora having served as defensive coordinator during the early 2000's, while linebackers/special teams coach Jim Ulbrich spent his entire decade-long NFL playing career in San Francisco.

The nightcap sees the New England Patriots host gbruin's Denver Broncos (5pm PST, 8pm EST, CBS). The idea that Tom Brady has been beaten out in the press by Tim Tebow this week is kinda crazy in the big picture, but I imagine that Tom will let his play tonight speak re that. This is your open thread for this second-round Saturday.