[Updated w VIDEOS] Ellis McCarthy Commits to UCLA!

Bumped. It's a beautiful morning in Westwood. More videos after the jump. - BN Eds.

News of his commitment was just posted on Scout's front page and confirmed in a subscriber only article by Scout's Brandon Huffman. This is a monumental commit - I cannot stress how important an elite D-lineman was to this recruiting class and his commit is also very telling of our current staff's persistence.

Here's what we now know

1. It looks like we have our confirmed ace recruiters. Demetrice Martin is reportedly the driving force behind McCarthy's commitment and is our guy with regards to recruiting in the San Gabriel Valley. An 8-clap for Coach Martin, Coach Klemm and the other coaches who made this happen. In this day and age, it's refreshing to see someone communicating to the fans, so thank you Coach Klemm for announcing the commits via Twitter.

2. Tosh Lupoi's move to UW may lead to more decommits from Cal.

3. Our staff is headed in the right direction - a complete team needs big nasties also known as BENnies (Big Erudite Nasties) on the offensive side of the ball. Props to firstto100 and Telemachus, respectively for the monikers. However, to play up to their talents, the linemen need to go up against tough, talented D-linemen as well. We are building the foundation for a strong offensive and defensive line - this will greatly benefit our revamped secondary.

UPDATE (P) - Confirmation for this news from all the usual sources, including the now familiar 8-clap from Coach Klemm, as well as 4everBruins' fanshot. Awesome news to cap off the holiday weekend, and welcome to the family, Ellis!

UPDATE II (N): Here is an LAT feature video on McCarthy being a dominant defensive force in the prep scene:

Here is another video of McCarthy going toe to toe with the best O-line man. Video from

Finally, check out this piece with video on McCarthy being a "rushing monster." GO BRUINS.

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