Sell the Japanese Garden? Here is another way to save $139K

Fire Dan Guerrero !!!!

We could certainly find somebody at $139K less per year, who would be competent.

In the meantime, with the fixation on facilities, as a cost saving measure, there is another piece of real estate which is not being used for academic or research purposes- Dan Guerrero's office.

Let's move him out of his office, and sublet the space. The university gets money (which Block wants above all else, apparently) and we don't lose anything in terms of academics or research.

Dan Guerrero clearly needs space to work. Otherwise, how could he continue to strap it on every morning for our benefit? Let's get him a chair and desk, and park it on Bruin Walk.

That way he could do his job, and he could hear first hand from some of the people he is affecting most- the students who he wanted to park in the wrong seats at the new Pauley.

To be fair to Dan, he should get bathroom breaks and lunch breaks. So let's have Chancellor Block man his station on Bruin Walk in his absence. This could be the first time he feels so connected to his dreaded student body. It would do him some good.

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