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Bruins Beat Utes 76-49

Can you feel the excitement excreting from Chianti Dan's (Funeral) Home Court? Well that's raw sewage, but you'd be forgiven if you mistook it for the quality of opponent trotted out at the Sports Arena tonight. As we have mentioned before, the Utah Utes are a woefully bad team, and as it will be with many games from here on out, it will really only be news if we lose.

UCLA shot 59% and Utah was held to 37% (box score). UCLA got to do basically whatever they wanted on both ends of the floor. Utah tried to do things, like matchup zone, and didn't do anything particularly well. Again, not surprising.

Josh Smith once again proved he can dominate terrible teams (14 points, 5-6 shooting), and the question of whether Howland would bench Anthony Stover (2 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks) for tweeting what we were all thinking anyway about the Oregon game was answered in the negative.

Maybe it's the proclamation earlier from Howland himself that the regular season essentially didn't matter anymore, but never did that seem more true than tonight, and the crowd (and our thread) pretty much agreed with that assessment.

I'm sure some, and especially the more delusional among us, are expecting a more comprehensive roundup after this big*, dominating**, crushing***, and corner-turning**** performance. Well that's not going to happen. Because I'm trying to erase this slogfest from my memory ASAP.

Up next, the league leading Colorado Buffaloes, fresh off of their own stomping of the Trogans, and led by Howland recruiting whiff Spencer Dinwiddie.