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Bruins Hit The Halfway Mark; Outgun Colorado 77-60

Well it's official. Our basketball team is better than USC's. Behind hot three point shooting from Tyler Lamb, Norman Powell, and Jerime Anderson, the Bruins took a game that had been tight before halftime and put Colorado away early in the second half . Although the Buffaloes shot 46% from the floor, CU didn't seem as effective offensively as that number indicates.

Overall, the Bruins were 9-13 from 3 point territory, spreading the CU defense and opening up the rest of the floor, which resulted in UCLA's 60% overall shooting. Maybe the only complaint you could have about the game overall was the trademarked bad start for the Bruins, spotting Colorado an early lead with their lethargic play.

What made this game seem different, IMO, was that our two non-point-guards played like point guards. Lazeric Jones tallied 9 assists, Anderson had 8, and even Lamb chipped in 6. It's always more fun to watch a team with guards that make good decisions and distribute the ball.

Maybe if we had played like this before the 21st game of the season, this season, and our embattled coach's lame duck tenure, would have a much brighter outlook. However, this is the hand that the Bruins have dealt themselves. As we hinted earlier, Colorado is not a team with the talent to match their record. We expected this victory, as did Vegas and the other gamblers out there.

In contrast to this two game stretch that would tell us little about this team (unless we lost), the next four games will probably define the remainder of the regular season. Now we'll see if we can finally get a conference road win. The Washington road trip is next followed by the NorCal schools at home.