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Another 8 Clap As Devin Fuller Hops On Bruin Bandwagon, Commits To UCLA

Jim Mora has a good thing going on the recruiting trail and Devil Fuller has decided to be part of it
Jim Mora has a good thing going on the recruiting trail and Devil Fuller has decided to be part of it

All aboard the Bruin bandwagon, next pick up, Devin Fuller. The New Jersey quarterback who had been considered a strong Rutgers lean for much of his recruitment shooed away hats from Arizona, Nebraska, TCU and hometown Rutgers on his table and picked up a UCLA hat. He is the second quarterback in Jim Mora's first ever recruiting class and maybe the best athlete of the entire class at 6-foot-0, 185 lbs., great speed and incredibly quick feet, but he can definitely throw the ball too. You don't get to be the third-best QB recruit in the entire country without a gun.

This is a major blow to Rutgers, who are reeling after the loss of Greg Schiano, and more importantly, a big blow to Arizona. The Wildcats were hoping that Fuller would be the cornerstone of Rich Rodriguez's new offense and not coincidentally, he's a guy who many say reminds them of Pat White. Not a bad comparison. To be able to pick up such a fantastic athlete with a big arm and one who deals a blow to a conference rival, well, needless to say it's a big deal.

With Brett Hundley a redshirt freshman in the fall and T.J. Millweard and now Fuller both true freshmen, the Bruins have the quarterback depth they need for the future. Not only is it quarterback depth, but it's a trio of damn good prospects. Consider that Hundley was the top quarterback on the west coast a year ago, Millweard was being chased by QB guru Bobby Petrino and Fuller was wanted by just about everyone (seriously, Alabama, Notre Dame and a ton of others offered him) and it's tough to complain about what UCLA has at 1) the most important position on the field and 2) a position that has been the program's bug-a-boo for a decade now.

Some are going to bring up the problem with over-signing and leaving some kids out in the cold, but cool it for now. As we're seeing with Marcus Rios and probably another couple players, some recruits are going to enroll in the winter or spring and come in as part of last year's class. Others are going to decommit, as we've already seen already, and by the time all is said and done, the Bruins will be in fine shape without dealing with the dreaded over-signing.

All is well in Westwood right now. Jim Mora and his excellent recruiting staff are putting together a tremendous class and Wednesday might bring in even more talent. The real judge of Mora's stewardship will be when the team goes out for practice in the spring and then out onto the Rose Bowl field in the fall, but as far as recruiting goes, it's all aces and Fuller is just the latest (and very important) ace. Welcome to Westwood, Devin!