Guerrero’s Latest Hapless Spin ("Blogpost") on UCLA Basketball

Chianti Dan puts out his hapless spin to UCLA fans about the dreadful hoops program. From his weekly newsletter:

After starting the Pac-12 schedule with tough back-to-back losses in the Bay area, the men's basketball team will need to get back on track in conference play this week when it hosts its first-ever conference home games at the Honda Center this week - Thursday at 8pm against Arizona and Saturday at 7:30pm against Arizona State.

The men had plenty of chances to defeat Stanford in Maples Pavilion. They fought back from deficits pretty much the entire game but could never quite get over the hump. Despite not having a stellar game, we had an opportunity to win the game on the last possession. I'm sure that Coach Howland will use the game as a teachable moment and the next time we are in that situation, we will close the game out.

At Cal, we simply ran into a veteran team that shot the lights out. Hats off to Mike Montgomery and his team for a great effort in the second half of that game. Winning on the road is not easy and our team found that out the hard way this past week.

Dan's nonsense is predictable but still amusing to read. We had a feeling Dan going to throw the word "fight" in there to describe the performance of the basketball program and he didn't disappoint. It is funny to read about Howland using the Stanford game as "a teachable moment," considering it was Howland's bad decisions that cost us a victory in a winnable game.

Dan laughably mentions how "next time" the Bruins are "that situation," they will "close the game out." Yet he forgot to mention how Bruins actually stayed close in the first half against Cal, only to implode in a manner that was indicative of a poorly coached and mentally soft program. Only in Dan's delusional world, he thinks UCLA fans will buy this kind of poor (and frankly pathetic) spin.

More Dan serves up this kind of nonsense, the more it provides a reminder how UCLA alums need to keep pushing for a wholesale regime change. We have already mentioned - if you live in Southern California area, at this point we would not recommend going to the basketball games. Why go considering our current coach has already given up on the regular season.

It further underscores how UCLA alums needs to be relentless in reminding all pertinent university related outlets that we will not donate a single penny to our alma mater, until there is a total regime change at the top of UCLA athletics.


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