Mora Staff Updates: Mazzone & Ulbrich Hires Now Official, NFL S&C Coach Heading to UCLA?

King J77 fanshotted the news but it is also worth an additional fanpost just so jtthirtyfour can exhale. Noel Mazzone and Jeff Ulbricht has been officially added to Jim Mora's staff at UCLA:

UCLA Head Football Coach Jim Mora today announced the hiring of two assistant coaches: Noel Mazzone as the Bruins Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach and Jeff Ulbrich as Special Teams Coordinator/Linebackers Coach.

Mazzone, one of the top offensive minds in college football today, spent the previous two years as the Offensive Coordinator at Arizona State under head coach Dennis Erickson, who has since departed the program. Ulbrich joins Mora's staff after serving for two years as assistant special teams coach with the Seattle Seahawks

It is very interesting to see Ulbrich joining the staff as both special teams and linebackers coach. It makes me wonder what Mora has planned in terms of shaping his defensive staff.

We know Demeteric Martin will be handling the DBs. Coach Mora himself has his extensive background coaching DBs in the NFL. So we will now have an NFL pro nhandling the LBs. We have Inouye Breckterfield left over from the old staff overseeing the DLs. I am guessing Mora will bring in at least one more coach on the defensive side. His comments to OC Register were pretty money indicating he will have a DC in place in soon:

"I'm still working on it," Mora said Thursday night. "I've had a Plan B, C and D. You don't come into one of these things without an alternate plan."

Mora and Pagano first worked together on Mora's father's staff with the New Orleans Saints.

"I'm really happy for John," Mora said. "He's been with (the Chargers) for 10 years and he's really worked hard for them and this is a great opportunity for him."

I wonder what Mr. Chianti - "What's wrong with Spaulding" - Dan thinks about having a mindset like that. The possibilities here are interesting. Mora could take charge of the defense himself as the DC. He could also bring in another experienced NFL position coach who is ready to assume DC responsibilities while specialize in coaching DLs. This way he would be able to help with mentoring of Breckterfield, who is a young coach. So Mora has multiple options here.

Also, interesting rumors going around about former New York Jets S&C coach Sam Alosi being hired in the same capacity at UCLA. Alosi has an interesting past but he could potentially be a great get for UCLA. He had a promising career before he made a dumb mistake. He can redeem himself in Westwood, while in return Bruins will get a pro caliber coach, who for the first time in our program history will be an S&C coach exclusively dedicated to football. We will have a coaching reset hopefully this weekend.


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