UCLA Commit Ishmael Adams: A STUD At Army All-American Game

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So I was not able to watch the game live today cause I was busy with the family. I just got done watching the game (gotta love TIVO) and all I have to say is ISHMAEL ADAMS is the REAL DEAL! I know it was an all-star game against other high school all-stars, but this kid can come in and make an immediate impact if given the chance.

The kid had an incredible game and we are lucky to have him anchoring our class. Every time I turned around, their was #11 in tight coverage, breaking up passes, forcing fumbles, and then at the end, making a great interception to seal the game. Adams has a swagger and a demeanor to him that tells me he is going to be a star at UCLA. For those who didn't see the game, I found this interesting recap of the game and its best players.

Take a close look at the love that SI gave our 4-star defensive back, who in all honesty was one of the best players on the field:

Ishmael Adams, CB (committed to UCLA) -- One of the smallest defenders on either team -- if not the smallest -- Adams came up big on Saturday. He stepped up to the challenge every time he was tested, and capped things off with an interception on Gunner Kiel in the fourth quarter that he returned for 27 yards.

Coach Mora is doing a great job in recruiting right now, and hopefully Adams will be able to sway some our way. Either way, it was great to see a UCLA commit represent so positively in such a high profile game. Way to go Ishmael, you make us proud. Can't wait to see you in Blue & Gold!

UPDATE (R): named Adams the game's MVP. Not too shabby.

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