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Coach Jim Mora Gets Ambushed By the Incompetence of UCLA Athletics Officials

Jim Mora publicly voices displeasure about something we all know - Dan Guerrero's UCLA athletics staff are incompetent. For speaking the truth, he gets ambushed by a lazy media hack in Los Angeles.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When a hack like T J Simers offers his uninformed and clueless opinion in the LA Times, we don't usually bother paying much attention. In fact, we have mostly ignored him last few weeks on the frontpage because it is not worth our time. Thankfully many of you here have been doing the work of pushing back against this clown, so we don't have to waste anything on our cover page on this guy. We really appreciate it.

But his recent hecktacular attack on Coach Mora has gotten some play (first on EDSBS) and now over at the Deadspin. It's unfortunate that bloggers we have a lot of respect for are falling for the cheap potshots of by a local columnist, who has never shown in genuine interest in this program or about actual sports in general.

For folks who are still wondering what this hubbub is all about - all you have to is read gbruin's post from last week when Mora publicly blasted the incompetence of UCLA athletics officials, when they apparently didn't take care of all the details in making sure the privacy of a closed practice was protected. You can watch that Mora video here. There was no report or video of Mora actually treating any of the incompetent UCLA athletics officials badly. All he did was mention out loud something we all have known while - the UCLA athletic department led by Dan "Chianti" Guerrero is incompetent.

That incident gave Simers an excuse to launch a predictable spiteful attack on Mora, which in turn has now been used by some national bloggers and reporters to push around the "Mora yells at people" meme.

It's all pretty ridiculous. The point here is not about Mora's reasonable displeasure with some incompetent bureaucrats. The point here is that - here comes a guy from the NFL with no incestuous ties to Terry Donahue, who is used to professionalism, and despite being new to the job and the usual "grace period" before making waves, the incompetence has already caused him to publicly criticize some people from an incompetent organization.

We don't think it's a stretch to think that it was the result of many other of their failures that finally pushed him over the edge, though that's definitely speculation. It's not a surprise that the spiteful media hacks like Simers used it to launch baseless smears. What is unfortunate here is to see some bloggers like Spencer Hall fall for the easy story, without taking into account the big picture scenario of the total incompetence of Dan Guerrero's athletic department that was responsible for driving UCLA football into a total abyss in this past decade.

Go Bruins.