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Video: The Legendary Darby Hit v. Nebraska in 1988

Video of a legendary bone crushing hit by UCLA safety Matt Darby against a Nebraska receiver in 1988 (at the Rose Bowl).

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I wrote about this moment more than five years ago in a post where we shared why we all bleed blue and gold. It was perhaps the most memorable moment in my first year of rooting for UCLA football:

1988 was it. It was going to be UCLA's year. They were going to bring home a Championship for the first time since 1954. And Nebraska game was the early game in the season that was going to set the tone. I turned on ABC that Saturday and after what I saw became a Bruin for rest of lime. Saw a Rose Bowl lathered up crowd all clad in blue and gold (ok one End Zone was red) go into total frenzy rolling up bunch of TDs in first half on one of the more dominant programs in the country. Aikman was on fire hitting TE Arbuckle for TDs. UCLA's WCO was just toying with Osborne's corn and steak fed Huskers before bogging down Donahue style in the second half. Bruins ended up winning the game 41-28. But the moment of the game came when Matt Darby came flying out of a defensive backfield to lay one of the most bone crushing hits I had ever seen in my life. Rose Bowl was in bedlam. That was it. I felt blood rushing through my head, goose bumps, and I knew right there and then ... that's where I wanted to go to college. I wanted part of that.

Well here is that moment:

Matt Darby (via ballers102032)

Thanks to ballers102032 for finding and sharing this. It gives you a little taste what UCLA football used to be before it was ruined by the current athletic regime.