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Friday Night Lights: Football and Playoff Baseball Open Thread

Watching College Football? MLB Wild Card? Just can't wait until the Bruins play? No probs, we got you covered right here! We also have links to watch parties and venues that will carry the Bruins' game on TV.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Well folks, if you are reading this, that means that your work week is probably done with. And let the weekend begin with a little football and other sporting action. There is one college football game tonight: Navy at Central Michigan. That game is set to kick off in just a few minutes on ESPN2, and streamable via ESPN360.

And while I am trying to put last night behind me, there are a pair of MLB elimination playoff games tonight. The O's and Yankees should be wrapping up their game about now on TBS, and the Cardinals and Nationals will be playing the final game of their series, with first pitch scheduled for 5:37pm PDT, also on TBS.

freesia posted a list of watch parties for tomorrow's UCLA/Utah game in last night's open thread. Please feel free to post any other gatherings for tomorrow's game, or any questions or concerns about the existing parties. This is your open thread for all of tonight's events.