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Utah at UCLA: Second Half Open Thread

Open thread tracking live second half action between Utah and UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It's half time at the Rose Bowl and the Bruins are only up by a score of 14-7 against a 2-3 Utah team led by a true freshman. Except for couple of nice plays here and there it has been a fairly ugly half of football with ugly special teams mistakes, ridiculous timeouts and an out of sync, undisciplined offense. Yes, the defense is looking "good" but it is against a really bad Utah offense playing a true freshman. A well-coached team is supposed to be improving every week, instead this UCLA team continue to go the other way. Here is the box score.

Lot is riding in this second half for Mora and the Bruins. If they can't close it out in the remaining 30 minutes they just may be looking at somewhere between a 6-6 (at best) to a 4-8 regular season. Hope we don't have to go there.