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Details on the NCAA Investigation Into UCLA Basketball Player Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson Sr. has a long term relationship with an agent associated with a famous UCLA booster

The allegation has been out there for a while :

With point guard Anderson, the NCAA reportedly is examining a connection to Thad Foucher, an agent who works with Arn Tellem for the L.A.-based Wasserman Media Group. Casey Wasserman, the company's founder, is a prominent UCLA booster.

Now it is seemingly confirmed. The generally pro-UCLA Zagsblog (who got it right on Parker but wrong that Anderson was going to be clear very soon weeks ago) now says:

Kyle Anderson Sr., the father of UCLA freshman guard Kyle Anderson, and NBA agent Thad Foucher have a preexisting relationship that dates back about a decade, sources told

Anderson Sr. has known Foucher since the early 2000s through the AAU circuit, and Foucher met the son, known as "Lil Kyle," when he was a youngster through his father. Before becoming an agent with the Wasserman Media Group, Foucher served as head coach of the New Orleans Jazz AAU Team from 1990-1998, according to his Wasserman bio. . . .

The Wasserman Group has represented several players who competed for the New Jersey-based Playaz Basketball Club, for which Kyle Anderson Sr. coached, including J.R. Smith, Wayne Ellington, Gerald Henderson and Kenneth Faried.

Anderson Sr. and Foucher have remained in touch over the years about these players, but no public record exists detailing any improprieties.

On the surface this seems to say the Shabazz and Anderson situations are similar, although Kyle Anderson Sr.'s relationship seems stronger and I have heard no evidence of a benefit to Kyle yet. (Unlike Shabazz who admitted accepting payment for a trip to North Carolina and Duke). Caveat: we have to keep in mind we are only hearing part of one side of the story. With a hat tip again to Zagsblogs for the link, here is a link to the relevant rules.

So far nothing seems to be wrong with UCLA's actions. (Ironically Duke and North Carolina seem worse since they "pre-cleared" the Shabazz trip.) Of course, we are not hearing all the stories and the NCAA is mysterious, some say on purpose.

Bottom line is what Tasser10 wrote. It is scary to think of this team without both Shabazz and Anderson. While Shabazz is the better player, Anderson may the more important right now because beside Larry Drew II, we have no other point guard type on the roster.