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No one Understands the NCAA Process

The latest news is no news on the investigation of Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Anderson. But the twist is no one has a clue when there will be news. Confused, well according to the LA Times so are the families and UCLA Athletic Department:

Wharton says UCLA doesn't understand why this investigatory is taking so long. None of the principal have been given any indication as to when the investigation will end.

Whaton is a LA Times reporter. You would think UCLA AD Dan Guerrero would be able to use some of his NCAA connections from his time as chairman of the Selection Committee for the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament to at least get a timeline.

Practice has begun in earnest and without Tyler Lamb, UCLA is down to just 9 scholarship players. If we lose Shabazz and Kyle, we could start with just seven and no backcourt depth. It would be nice to give the team a chance to practice for whatever is going to happen.

The situation with Kyle is particularly bad. At least the NCAA warned UCLA and others about Shabazz. What is going on with Kyle that is taking so long?

I guess we will have to wait but I hope not too much longer.

Go Bruins.

UPDATE: In the interview video that goes with the quote, the LA Times says that there is no evidence that UCLA did anything wrong. I would feel better if the NCAA said that.