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San Diego Chargers Uniforms - Cool Look in UCLA Blue

If UCLA had a competent athletic director (department) we might have seen Bruin uniforms that looked as cool as the Chargers on Monday Night Football.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

I am sure gbruin is downing couple of extra cold ones celebrating an amazing come from behind win of his Broncos. Then again if you are a San Diego fan (don't think we have any Charger fans on the frontpage) you are thinking it was an epic choke job. Sorry Chargers fans and I especially feel for the Bruins here who are hardcore Bolts fans. Ouch.

Regardless, I saw a little bit of the game and kept thinking how if UCLA and Adidas had sort of imagination they'd figure out a way to come out with an alternative uniform based on those Charger unis. They looked awesome.

How hard can it be for UCLA to roll out alternative uniforms that look like the Chargers? Then again we do have the worst AD in America who found a way to screw up the best uniforms in college football.