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Jordan Zumwalt is Cool With The Move to Inside Linebacker

We have been clamoring for the coaches to move Jordan Zumwalt from outside to inside last few weeks and it finally happened against Utah. The result was UCLA LB's best collective performance to date (albeit it came against a horrible Utah offense).

Zumwalt seems cool with the move according to his comments in the OC Register:

"I just have to get acclimated," he said, after Tuesday's bye-week practice at Spaulding Field. "I like outside, I like inside. I just want to play linebacker, and I want to be on the field." [...]

Zumwalt came back against Cal, and alternated outside with Holmes and Anthony Barr. But Zumwalt started at inside linebacker against Utah on Saturday, and going forward, that might be where he stays.

It's no big deal.

"It's important to me, as an athlete and a football player, to be able to do what the coaches ask me to do," Zumwalt said.

That's certainly the spirit. I like the combination of Kendricks and Zumwalt inside while Anthony Barr and Damien Holmes manning the outside.

Now if we can get the coaches to move Andrew Abbott to his natural position at CB, slide Tevin McDonald over to FS, and put in either Dalton Hilliard or Stan McKay at SS, we could have the best combination of speed and athleticism in a UCLA defense in a long time (big ups to Rick Neuheisel for bringing in all this talent to Westwood last few years).