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Wednesday Notes: Mora on Mistakes & Pace of Bye Week Practice

Bruins continued their bye week with practice this morning. Coach Jim Mora met with reporters after practice and offered his thoughts on bye week practice and the mistakes that have been hurting the team: (via Inside UCLA):

Mora's coach speak on mistakes are fine. But, as many have pointed out already Mora has been talking about the need to clean up mistakes almost every week 7 games into this season.

He also shared his thoughts on the pace of practice during bye week. He mentioned how Coach Mike Holmgren (who won Super bowls as a head coach with the Packers and as an offensive coordinator for the 49ers) used to give his team the entire week off depending on what point of the season the bye week came. The comparison probably doesn't work as much because NFL players go through lot more wear and tear given that they also had to go through 4 game pre-season.

I am not sure if there is a specific formula for this. What do we know is whatever UCLA coaches have tried in recent years, it hasn't worked.

We also know that the Arizona State game is huge for the Bruins. If the Bruins want to put together a solid season in Mora's first year they need to win this game. Otherwise the chances are they will have another roller-coaster 6-8 win season, which is not going to feel any different than the mediocre ones we experienced under Karl Dorrell.

Remember we are not going to have a schedule set up like this - avoiding Oregon and Washington - for next two years. And next year we will go on the road against Nebraska, Nevada, Stanford, Arizona and Southern Cal. If Mora doesn't get it done this year and Bruins bumble around again with 6-8 win season next year, the recruiting will go South in a hurry like it did in Neuheisel's last season.