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Guerrero Rides the Student Bus, Promotes the Same Den He Tried to Sell Out & Talks Up UCLA’s Non-existent Men’s Swimming Program

UCLA's incompetent athletic director continues to sound clueless in his outreach to UCLA fanbase.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Every week we hold our breath to find out what our fearless leader Chianti is going to email out in his weekly newsletter. You know the "blog" thingy some poor schlep has to put together with Chianti's grin in the top navigation column. Last week he sent us an excited message about "earning" a "split" against Colorado and Cal.

This week's "word from Westwood" hit our inboxes yesterday evening and it didn't disappoint. Here are the tragicomic highlights for those who didn't get it.

First, we were amused by the "From"

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: "The DEN"
Date: Oct 16, 2012 5:39 PM
Subject: Word from Westwood

That would be the same "DEN" - Chianti and his minions tried to banish behind the baskets until he and his staff was humiliated and caved to the pressure from BruinsNation.

After the usual bureaucratic mumbo jumbo Chianti goes on to share couple of "stories." He paid a tribute to late great UCLA men's swimming coach Ron Ballatore who passed away earlier this year. Danny forgot to mention how UCLA no longer has a men's swimming team because of cuts due to Title IX. Nothing wrong with Title IX but what is wrong is that there has not been even a hint of effort from anyone in the UCLA athletic department to bring back the men's swimming program which was one of the best in the nation. Dan was just blowing smoke when talking up our swimming program as he hasn' done anything to revive the men's program or rebuild the struggling women's one into a national powerhouse again.

Chianti then leaves us with this:

I shifted gears, went back in time a few decades, and joined with current UCLA students on the bus ride to the Rose Bowl, to get a taste of the student game day experience. The day began when I jumped in the student bus line on Bruin Walk around 9:30 am with Dominic Sandler, a junior at UCLA, presently interning in the athletic marketing department.

Woah. After 10 plus years on campus Chianti has finally discovered the student bus. We wonder if he even knows how these same rooter buses often gets lost on the way from campus to the Rose Bowl.

Someone should tell Dan - the best thing for UCLA would be for him to get lost and get out Westwood as soon as possible.