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Thursday night football/baseball open thread: Oregon at Arizona St., NLCS, 49ers/Hawks

Oregon plays their first true road game of the season when they head to Arizona St., while the Cardinals look to take a 3-1 series lead over the Giants in the NLCS and the 49ers take on the Seahawks.

Christian Petersen

Oregon will play their first true road game tonight. Seriously, it's October 18 and they are going to play their first true road game.

The Ducks are up against a maybe good Arizona St. team, too, so they have a formidable opponent in addition to the challenge of going on the road. This is the Sun Devils' first really tough test so we're going to get a good look at what Todd Graham's team really has tonight.

In a Pac-12 South without any really great teams and maybe just a bunch of average ones in addition to a good SC team, Arizona St. has a chance to make some noise. Of course, so does UCLA and the Sun Devils might be our toughest challenger as someone tries to unseat a Trojan team that can be had so this is a interesting chance to see what they have.

Elsewhere in the sports world, the Cardinals and Giants are squaring off in Game 4 of the NLCS. I know there are many Giants fans on here, but as a Dodger fan, I say "GO CARDS!"

Finally, the 49ers take on the Seahawks in NFL action. Hopefully, it will include more Pete Carroll looking like this.

The football game is on ESPN and you can get the NLCS on your local FOX affiliate. What do you think of Oregon and Marcus Mariota in his first real road game? How about those Sun Devils and how do we stack up against them? Are the Cards winning and is Petey confused? Chime in and have at it because this is your Thursday night open thread.