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Jordan Zumwalt Returns to Practice, May Play at Cal

During his Monday press conference, Coach Mora talked a little bit about Jordan Zumwalt's condition after missing the Colorado trip while recovering from his Scooter crash, sharing his hope that he would soon be cleared to. Tuesday saw progress on that front, as Jordan returned to practice, in full pads but without his helmet.

The gash on his forehead and a few scrapes were the only damage Zumwalt suffered. There was no bone or structural damage and the only thing that has kept him from getting cleared to play is the inability to wear a football helmet without aggravating the wound. He said he tried on a helmet Tuesday and "felt fine" but did not practice with a helmet on Tuesday.

"He had his pads on but didn’t have his helmet on," coach Jim Mora said. "He’s feeling good he was running around. He looked good running around and we’re hopeful that he’ll be able to play."

Good to hear that there were no significant injuries caused by the accident; it is just a matter of his wound - which required 150 stitches! - healing enough for him to wear his football helmet for him to return to action. It sounds like both Jordan and Coach Mora are optimistic that this Saturday will be that day.

On the Cal side of the ledger, the Oakland Tribune reminds its readers that Cal's offense has allowed 25 sacks over their first 5 games, worst in NCAA football. Anthony Barr and Damien Holmes can hardly wait. And the SF Chronicle's Cal writer asks how close we are to Basketball season.