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Bye Week College Football Saturday Open Thread

No need to stress over the Bruins today. Put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the day's games.


Don't get me wrong, I love watching U.C.L.A. Football more than anything else.

But I must admit I really do love our bye week, too, if for nothing else than I can watch any and all other college games without stressing about our Bruins. Normally I am so focused on our game that I can't just relax and enjoy the other games on ahead of ours. Today, we can all chill, flip through channels, and just revel in a day of college football. Ahhh......

We have some pretty interesting games on tap today. Here, along with all of today's Pac-12 games, are some of the highlights (all times Pacific) and the networks carrying the games:

9 am ESPN LSU (6) at Texas A&M (18) A couple of ranked overrated SEC (yes, redundant) teams start us off.

12 n FOX Stanford (20) at Cal It's way too early for them to meet, but still nothing compares to this.

12:30 CBS USC (7) at Florida (2) Two more highly ranked overrated SEC teams face off for the GameDay crew.

12:30 Big10 Michigan State at Michigan These two schools hate each other, which makes it more fun for all of us.

3 pm Pac12 Colorado at Southern Cal (10) Even though there is zero chance...Go Buffs!!

4 pm ESPN Alabama (1) at Tennessee A very properly ranked SEC team. Ask Mexi about gameday in Knoxville.

4 pm FOX Kansas State (4) at West Virginia (13) Look for WVU to rebound by scoring 70+

5 pm Big10 Penn State at Iowa For MinnesotaBruinfan. Not everyone gets a stress free bye week.

7 pm Pac12 Washington at Arizona I hate the thought of rooting for the Huskies, but it would help us.

7:30 ESPN2 Utah at Oregon State (8) Insert your 8 Beavers joke here....

A complete listing of the days games, times, and TV coverage can be found here.

Check out Achilles' Bye Week guesses post here, then put your feet up, get your remote hand stretched out, and share your thoughts on the games or anything else that's on your mind right here in this thread. There is our Bye Week Saturday Open Thread. Have at it...

Go Bruins!!