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Update on Shabazz and Kyle in UCLA Basketball

There is some news but still no timeline for the eligibility of Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Anderson

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NCAA's actions get more and more mysterious. Is this an October surprise? Why won't they even talk to Shabazz's parents? Here is the "latest" news on Shabazz.

"We have attempted to answer any question, provide any documentation that we can, but one of the problems is not knowing specifically any real issue or question that the NCAA has," said Robert Orr, the attorney representing Muhammad.

Investigators are looking into financial assistance Muhammad received from a man the family has characterized as a long-time friend. They have also asked about money that a financial planner gave to Muhammad's summer team in Las Vegas.

On the second point a valid counter argument has been made. If the illegal assistance was given to Shabazz's team, why aren't ANY of the other players being investigated? If there are charges stemming from Shabazz's dad or mom, why isn't the NCAA even talking to them.

Anderson's probe seems less mysterious. Kyle's Dad coached against and becames friends with an agent associated with UCLA booster Casey Wasterman, Thad Foucher. The relationship began in 1999. (So Kyle Jr. was what 5?) Are they trying to say the then coach knew that Kyle Jr. was going to be great? Or that Kyle Sr. can't have any friendships with potential future agents if his son turns out to be good enough to play basketball.

Kyle Anderson Sr. and Foucher met more than a decade ago as opposing coaches on the AAU circuit, Foucher with the New Orleans Jazz and Kyle Sr. with the New Jersey-based Playaz Basketball Club. . . .

Foucher eventually left the Jazz to become an agent and now works with Arn Tellem at the Wasserman Media Group, which was founded by Casey Wasserman, a UCLA alum and prominent booster.

The agent's relationship with Kyle Sr. has endured if only because he has represented a number of Playaz athletes who reached the NBA, including Wayne Ellington, Gerald Henderson and J.R. Smith.

There must be more, right?

I get the Shabazz thing, although I think Duke and North Carolina should be in trouble since they reportedly cleared the trips paid for by the family friend. Shabazz's Dad may have been too cute paying for a trip with the money of a friend. Maybe there were more trips by Dad? Also his lawyer makes a bizarre claim that NCAA does not have jurisdiction over someone under 18 or before he signed with UCLA. This is not juvie, NCAA has jurisdiction over all recruits. I am getting more worried about Shabazz but why won't the NCAA even give Shabazz's parents a chance to defend themselves?

The Anderson matter is tougher. His Dad has a friend who became an agent associated with a UCLA booster. Shocking that an AAU coach would cash out to be an agent. If 13 years is not enough for a relationship, what is?

Oh and for those shoe truthers, the story contains an interesting detail that Kyle Sr.'s club a couple years ago switched from Adidas to Nike. So that angle (which goes follow the shoe money paid to Shabazz's sister a professional tennis player) does not even apply in conspiracy circles to Anderson.

I realize the NCAA could have uncovered something sinister. For the good of the university, I hope not. For the sake of the kids though (and I mean all the kids), I hope they decide soon.