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VIDEO: Back to Practice - Mora's Remarks

Coach Mora met with the media after practice today. The remarks were rather short, even for Mora. Here are the quick highlights after a few days off:

  • It was the first afternoon practice since camp at San Bernardino. Morning practice resumes tomorrow, but it was a good chance to get some extra work in.
  • Mora liked the opportunity the bye presented, such as a chance to work on fundamentals get some rest, give the young guys a look, and after three days off the players were able to refocus easily.
  • There was a special visitor at practice - Cade, six years old, who is a huge UCLA fan and he had the chance to watch practice. (and probably named after one of the greatest UCLA QBs ever.) Mora said Cade inspires the players and he hopes it helps the players appreciate all they've got. Cade comes from a UCLA background, with an uncle that was a former gymnastics coach at UCLA. Cade was visiting courtesy of NEGU, which is a Pediatric Cancer Foundation, encouraging kids to never give up. All the best to you, Cade.