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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

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UCLA Tweets, here, every week.

Ah, the good old days of Special Teams
Ah, the good old days of Special Teams
Harry How

It was a quiet week in the UCLA Twitterverse. I think the kids might be studying. Midterms. Ugh.

We all knew Brett Hundley was a great human being, and he reinforced it:

All UCLA sports need support, and it's great when the athletes help each other out.

Ben Howland is trying to build up the hype for the Pauley Event:


Christian Yount, former UCLA long snapper extraordinaire, ran a contest through his Twitter, using one of his favorite things in the world - Chipotle.

Whoa, 30,000?!?! Great job Christian in amassing followers.

HOLY COW TWO BURRITOS IS A SNACK?! Oh wait, professional football player, versus me, professional lounger. Yount is a great person to follow on Twitter - you'll see his weekly socks, and him waxing poetic about why he is single.

Congratulations to UCLA recruit Christian Morris:

Speaking of recruits:

Nice hat!

First match jitters are out of the way!

PREACH ON, Lorenzo Mata:

Uh, congrats Reggie?

I remember Reggie doing this ALL the time. Josh Shipp too.

Um, Adria, you weren't born yet...

But yes, that was a good team.

I know CarsLand is new and exciting...

No big deal at all.

Ooooh! Famous dad alert!

If you don't know what The Hill is, here you go. I want to try it someday.