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VIDEO: Coach Mora's Tuesday's Post-Practice Comments

After a rare afternoon practice on Monday, the Bruins returned to their usual morning practice schedule today. And Coach Mora again met with the assembled media, talking about his decision to hold the early practice, keeping his players focused after the bye week, and the status of Torian White.

Torian White returned to practice on a limited basis today - riding a stationary bike and participating on some non-contact drills - and is expected to fully participate in practice tomorrow and start against ASU on Saturday. According to Mora's comments, the aftereffects of the heart procedure itself is not keeping Torian out, but recovery from the 'invasiveness' - as Mora phrased it - of how the procedure was carried out.

In terms of the 'invasiveness' aspect, I had a similar procedure performed several years ago - exploratory in my case, rather than Torian's corrective procedure - and recall that allowing the entry/access wound to heal was by far the critical part of recovery. It does involve several days of inactivity, but assuming no complications, Torian's recovery timeline seems spot on.