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UCLA's Secondary Concerns: Marcus Rios May Miss Arizona State Game

From the LA Times:

UCLA cornerback Marcus Rios will undergo a sinus procedure this week and will miss Saturday's game against Arizona State.

Rios, a freshman, has been suffering from migraine headaches for three weeks. He has had similar sinus problems in the past.

The Bruins have used Rios in five games as a backup to starters Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price, both seniors.

Fabien Moreau, another freshman, is the only backup who has played cornerback this season. Safety Andrew Abbott has played cornerback in the past.

This may explain why coaches have been locked on to the Toast Twins. But although it doesn't undercut our view that coaches should move Andrew Abbott to his natural spot at CB, shift Tevin McDonald to FS, and work in combination of Dalton Hilliard and Stan McKay at SS.

Coaches should also look into working in Brandon Sermons and Anthony Jefferson. You can't expect to get by with only 2 CBs especially when taking on spread oriented attacks in the Pac-12 conference. Anyway, hope Rios get back in action soon.