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Jim Mora on Arizona State: "A game we've got to go win"

I mentioned over the weekend how Arizona State is looming this Saturday as a must win game for Jim Mora's program. Bruins have to win this game to make advance a viable argument that football program is headed towards the right direction under Mora this season. It will reverse two ugly trends: pathetic performance on the road against conference teams with winning records and pathetic showing following bye week.

Peter Yoon provides more data on UCLA's awful road record in recent seasons:

It's well documented that the road has been unkind to the Bruins in recent years and it's especially true in conference play. The Bruins were 1-5 in Pac-12 road games last season and the average score in the five losses was 45-14.

The Bruins are 6-25 in conference road games since 2006 and haven't won two conference road games in a season since 2007. With a victory at Colorado already under their belts this season, the Bruins can get a second Pac-12 road win this weekend at Arizona State as well as bring their road win total to three. UCLA hasn't won three road games in a season since 2005.

Mora yesterday publicly talked about the big picture ramifications of this game:

"This is a big one for us and it's a big one for Arizona State," Mora said. "I think it has a lot of ramifications down the road and it's a game we've got to go win. ... These guys have taken advantage and put themselves in a position where they can do some good things if they finish strong and we can do some good things if we finish strong."

Glad to hear that Mora gets what's at stake on Saturday.