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Thursday Night Football/World Series Open Thread

Clemson takes on Wake Forest in tonight's national college football telecast, while the Buccaneers and Vikings represent the pros tonight and the World Series continues.

Jason O. Watson

Tonight is another busy night in the sports world. In San Francisco, the Giants and Tigers are getting ready to start game 2 of the World Series - with Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister taking the mound in just a few minutes on your local Fox affiliate.

There is one college football game tonight: Clemson travels to Wake Forest in an ACC-conference game. That one is in progress, having started at 4:30pm PDT on ESPN, streamable via ESPN360. There is also the usual Thursday night NFL game. The Tampa Bay Bucs taking on former Bruin Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings. That game kicks off at 5:20pm PDT on the NFL Network.